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Here comes the hard part...

-With Saniderm:


Leave on for 2-3 days, unless compromised (the seal between the tattooed skin and non-tattooed skin has leaked, torn).

Remove saniderm with JoJoba oil or coconut oil, under warm running water. Stretching in a 45 degree angle away from your skin and applying oil to release the adhesive from your skin works best. Stretch, oil and peel, slowly and gently.

Do not re-bandage the tattoo.

Continue to traditional aftercare.


-Traditional Aftercare:


Once your bandage has been removed, wash with warm soapy water. I prefer Dove Sensitive Skin white bar soap.

Make sure you have removed all debris and blood plasma from the healing tattoo with the pads of your fingers/palms of your hand.

Once the tattooed skin has been cleaned, pat dry with a new dry paper towel each time you clean your tattoo.

Clean the tattoo when it bothers you. If it is reminding you it is there, it is a good time to clean your tattoo. Generally 2 - 3 times a day the first few days after the application of the tattoo you will need to wash the tattoo, sometimes less, sometimes more.

Once you have dried your tattoo apply a very tiny amount of moisturizer to the affected skin. Make sure it is not smothering the skin by checking if it is slick or oily looking. Always start with less. If you have too much moisturizer on -- remove the excess with a paper towel and apply less next time.

Only apply  moisturizer before you peel.

If you are peeling, stop using moisturizer and make sure you are cleaning your hands/tattoo before applying lotion when necessary. at this point you can continue to wash the tattoo and stop moisturizing.


Do NOT pull off your flaking skin! This could damage your skin and cause scarring, which is more difficult to tattoo over and heal! Let your body naturally heal, by allowing the flaking skin to come off as your body allows.


Once you are done peeling, and there are no “scabs” or large “flakes” attached, exfoliate. I suggest a boar’s hair bristle brush. It will soften over time with use. Please exfoliate to avoid ingrown hairs and make sure you have a beautiful tattoo. If you need tips on exfoliation, ask me for alternatives.




Try to avoid your tattoo getting stuck to sheets or clothing by wearing loose fitting clothing on the affected area, and getting into the shower with that article of clothing if your tattoo should become “stuck” to the fibers! Release the clothing from the tattoo by getting it wet with water in the shower and then clean and resume normal aftercare from there.


Keep your fresh tattoo out of the Sun! The Sun can quickly damage your tattoo and make it look aged beyond your years. Apply sunscreen to your tattoo and protect your investment when you are outside. The Sun will fade your tattoo, limit your exposure and it will look just as new as the day it was applied.

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