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As an artist, I enjoy creating distinct and one of a kind pieces of work; I also strive to follow healthy techniques and understanding of BBP & ABPs.

I provide my clients with peace of mind. Using a fully disposable setup, and continue to learn new technology and techniques to better our collaborative experience.

Please visit at: 420 E. 7th St.

So you want a tattoo?

Please include the following when emailing/booking your appointment:

  • Your Name

  • Days you are Available

  • A brief, but clear description of what you want

  • Reference Photos

  • An unskewed picture of area you want your tattoo

  • Color or Black and Grey?

  • Any size restrictions

  • Budget if applicable

Gail Reilly Tattoo Fineline Tattoo Tattoo Artist Tucson


When emailing regarding your tattoo, sometimes we are able to consult via email/Facetime or I may prefer to see you in person. Some projects are easily handled over email. Once I understand the scale of your tattoo I will be able to determine whether meeting is necessary or not. It is understandable that some clients are traveling from out of town and need to consult via email or Facetime. Please let me know of your situation beforehand if that is the case.

Mandala tattoo Gail Reilly Tucson Tattoo Artist


Typically when I take on larger projects, or projects that are detailed/time consuming, I will ask for a drawing fee. Drawing fees are 25/hr, cover up to 2 potential drafts, & is non-refundable. With a drawing fee you are guaranteed artwork review of your daft typically 1-3 days before your tattoo appointment. I ask that when reviewing your art draft to please keep in mind, that it is simply that, a draft. If you wish to have a color study done on your design before your tattoo I will ask for an additional drawing fee. Drawings help to determine what your financial commitment will be, and I may not be able to give an accurate quote for a tattoo until I have a finished drawing for viewing.


Pricing &Deposits

Tattoos are quoted based off of my hourly rate of $175 for color & $200 for black and grey. I am an ambitious tattooer and cover a lot of ground if the canvas allows for it. 

Deposits for most projects are about $100 - $200. Deposits go towards the total price of the tattoo, and are deducted at the very last session. If you are a no-call, no-show for any appointment, and do not communicate clearly that you cannot make your appointment your deposit will be absorbed, you will be asked to put another matching deposit down to cover time lost. deposits are not refundable.



Please make sure you are well-rested, and not hung-over, or ill... Typically taking a multi-vitamin the days before, the day of, and a few days after your tattoo are advantageous to your healing process. Please do not wear any perfumes/heavy scents, lotions, sun screens, body glitter or oils on the day of your tattoo. This will make clean up much more difficult both for you, and me. Please exfoliate before you come in, it can help with shaving... And don't worry about doing it yourself, unless you prefer to.

Eat before, and bring food/snacks/beverages to keep your body fueled while you get tattooed if we are going to be sitting for 3+ hours together. There are plenty of options in the area should you find yourself in a pinch, but it is best to come prepared. Make sure you aren't wearing your favorite shirt! I may stain it with my pigments, and removal is not guaranteed. Come wearing comfortable clothing, that can be easily moved out of the way if needed. I prefer to keep my small studio space limited to the client + 1 for quiet distraction if needed. Please feel free to bring headphones to listen to your own music while getting tattooed.

Cash is always preferred, but card is always accepted as well. Please keep in mind, for every $100 increment there is a 3% charge, which can add up significantly. Please plan accordingly.

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